Contact tracing

Reduce the spread of COVID-19 by identifying and testing contacts to maximise patient safety and clinical effectiveness.

About COVID-19 contact tracing software

The World Health Organization states that testing, contact tracing and isolation along with social distancing are the most effective measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Our COVID-19 contact tracking app allows health professionals to notify:
• individual contacts one-to-one and
• groups of people that the diagnosed patient was in close proximity with.

The contact tracing process is easy to follow and quick for the health professional to complete. The contacts receive a notification that they are at risk via email or SMS and a link with guidance on self-isolation and, if appropriate, can search for the nearest testing clinic and make an appointment via the CT scheduling and booking system. It can also be used to test people for COVID-19 antibodies.

The tool reduces the spread of COVID-19 by helping potential carriers to get tested and know when to self-isolate. It enables healthcare providers to identify new cases and therefore, effectively break the chain of infection.


    Increase your case finding rate by notifying contacts one-to-one or en-masse for any groups of contacts. Using our streamlined process saves you time, while the clear guidance optimises the contact’s experience.


    Tackle the pandemic effectively - notify and test for antigens or antibodies depending on the circumstances. Help people find and book appointments at their nearest testing clinic or online via our CT scheduling and booking system and seamlessly inform them of their test results.


    The Contact Notification software automates the process, saving you hours that would otherwise be spent notifying contacts and following up.


    As a spin-off of SXT, it is already a tried and tested service with proven results. SXT is a Community Interest Company (equivalent to B-corp in the US) providing an award-winning digital service to reduce the spread of transmissible infections by notifying and testing up to ten times more people compared to doing so manually.


    Simple and intuitive, the contact tracing tool’s step-by-step process is easy for health professionals, patients and contacts to use.


    It does not matter which clinic the index patients’ contacts are seen - we keep track of this with updates from our centralised system.


    As each country, state or authority might handle the COVID-19 pandemic slightly differently, you will get a dedicated installation of the software that can be customized to suit your approach to COVID-19 management.

  • Contact Tracing, Triaging and Appointment Booking Modules

    The services were created with transmittable infections in mind and provide a seamless experience integrating contact tracing, triaging and appointment booking modules.


    Easily access statistics on the number of infections, contacts and testing outcomes. Have data readily available for resource planning and performance reporting.


    The data can be collated and reported at a national level to help better understand the speed of transmission enabling the governments to take appropriate action and develop effective interventions.

Robust data security and information governance

Personal info destroyed once it is not needed

Only essential patient information is collected

1. Contact tracing

  • Step 1:

    enter index patient & disease information.

  • Step 2:

    enter individual contact(s) and any groups of contacts.

  • Step 3:

    send notifications to the contacts with instructions on what to do next.

Notify contacts: By the health professional

Consultation with patient

Fill in contact's details

Notification(s) sent to contacts

Notify contacts: By index patient

Send the index patient contact tracing guidance

Patient can complete contact tracing at home

Notification(s) sent to contacts

2. Contact testing

  • Step 1:

    contact gets triaged via the system to see if they need to get tested and books an appointment.

  • Step 2:

    health professional enters test results in the system and the contact gets notified.

  • Step 3:

    contact tracing statistics are updated.

Test contacts: Streamlined process

patient gets triaged and books an appointment for testing

health professional enters test results in the system and the contact gets notified

contact tracing statistics are updated

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